Vendor Membership Info

What you get when you join My County Shops:

  • A secure SSL encrypted platform
  • Stripe and PayPal payment options
  • Pickup and delivery options including a program to manage deliveries through local companies
  • Your own Virtual Storefront
  • Your own Vendor Dashboard
  • A commerce website without the hassle and expense of setting up, advertising and running your own website
  • We are building Tutorials and cheat sheets that are available in the knowledge database through your vendor dashboard and is recommended for how to articles, getting great tips and ideas to increase sales, and make the most out of your online store
  • Join a team who’s primary goal is to support you and our community

Membership Packages

  • All vendors must provide proof of being a Nevada County based business or a proof of residency for our Made Local Categories.  This is a simple process and for the time being can be provided after registration.  It can be as simple as uploading a picture of your utility bill with your name and address.  More options are provided at registration or can be found in your dashboard after sign up.
  • Each vendor dashboard is unique to your subscription which keeps it clean and easy to manage.
  • The products you create are automatically added to the main shopping pages and at your storefront.  We have lots of product options such as grouped, variable, linking for up-sells and cross-sells, sales and coupons.  To increase search capabilities easily add categories, tags and attributes.
  • Your products are your own, so any time you spend entering products is never wasted because you can easily export your product information. 

early bird special


NO monthly subscription, 7% sales commission on orders (plus payment processing fees)

*Commission rates can be lowered based on order turn around, length of membership or volume of sales. Give us a call or send an email to find out more.

This membership is only available until December 15th, 2020. We appreciate the challenges small businesses and crafters face, especially during these times. So we are offering a free, grandfathered package, with no monthly subscriptions. This is a way to try out online sales with no risk of getting stuck with a monthly subscription. If you are new to online sales, or only want to list your top sellers for now, this package is for you. It has all the basics to get you started selling right away and you can list up to 20 products. Are you not ready to deal with shipping yet? No problem, since this is a local based platform we have provided the option for stores to choose their own shipping methods which includes pickup only. With this package there is no upfront costs, you only pay for what you sell.

A picture’s worth a thousand words

Early Bird Features

  • Upload a custom store banner
  • Upload your vendor logo
  • Enter up to 20 products
  • You can decide wether you would like to offer shipping or pickup only
  • Add Vendor listing image and logo to allow customers to easily choose and recognize your store among other vendors
  • Create up to 5 articles or blogs about your store, products or events (this also increases search engine optimization for your page)
  • Social media links
  • Local delivery program that coordinates pickup and delivery services through local companies.
  • Easy product entry such as click to upload images, choose category and attach any special tags or attributes plus extra customizable features. For example, you are entering product information for a gold bracelet. The category would be jewelry but you could also tag the words bracelet, gold etc. So if a customer searches for any of those words or categories your product will come up.
  • The program splits the total sale and deposits your portion into your account, all the calculations are taken care of!
  • You can see all your transactions and access reports and accounting details through your dashboard.
  • Everything to receive and manage orders has its own section on your vendor dashboard.
  • Commission rates can be lowered based on order turn around, length of membership or volume of sales. Give us a call or send an email to find out more.

Get online and connect with your customers!

Premium Packages

Essentials package

$9.99 monthly subscription, 5% sales commission (plus payment processing fees)

*Commission rates can be lowered based on order turn around, length of membership or volume of sales. Give us a call or send an email to find out more.

This package includes all the features listed above plus some cool extra product features and upgrades.

  • Enhance your advertising abilities by choosing up to 5 featured products and image galleries for your vendor store
  • Write and publish up to 10 articles
  • Choose 10 offline advertising categories
  • Easy to use Sale and Coupon module; set your sales expiration date and the platform will automatically update products and display in designated advertising sections.
  • Increased storage capacity

Professional Package

$29.99 monthly subscription , 3% sales commission (plus payment processing fees)

This is ultimate package, you get everything from the other packages plus top of the line product capabilities, vendor abilities, management options and upgrades.

  • Choose up to 10 featured products and image galleries for you vendor store, plus being featured on main shopping pages
  • write and publish up to 10 articles
  • choose up to 15 offline advertising categories
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Ability to create variable products, product add-ons and grouped product packages
  • Increase sales by linking products for Up-sells and Cross-sells
  • Optional live Chat with customers
  • Delegate your tasks and get more done by creating different user levels which limit/allow certain staff access to only certain areas of your dashboard
  • Search Engine Optimization tools for your store page
  • Set your store to vacation mode to temporarily take products offline