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Hello, Nevada County!

Welcome to my county shops, made by locals for locals

The idea for My County shops started with wanting to support our local community and shops, knowing so many issues that need global change start at the local level and concern for our local way of life and future economy. I have watched in wonder as technology and the internet have evolved, changed and grown. What has been accomplished in the last ten to twenty years is amazing. The internet is so huge and vast you can easily purchase something from around the globe in a matter of minutes. For all its wonderful attributes of pulling us together globally, in ways it has taken away from us locally. My County Shops plans on changing that, with the ease of use and connectivity that technology brings. My County Shops is proving the infrastructure to connect all of Nevada County Businesses, Crafters and producers into one easy to use ecommerce platform. It gives vendors their own individual freedom while connecting their products into one shopping platform. But creating a real community is not just about sales, its about getting to know the organizations, charities, needs and current issues. My County shops will be constantly evolving to find news ways to connect, support, learn and grow. We have big dreams and we need your support to make them a reality. Spread the word, check out the site and come back often. It’s been a crazy journey turning this site into a reality and there is still alot of work ahead but I believe in this community and I am excited about the future and what we can accomplish together! There is so much more i want to share but I will have to save it for another post, for now please spread the word;


We will be open for shopping on November 20th

Right now we are focused on getting as many vendors signed up and running before the holidays begin. It’s free to register for the vendor listing service plus we have great deals on membership levels and a holiday special for a free 30 day trial period on any membership.