Hello Neighbors,

    MyCountyShops.com was created to provide an easier way to shop local, and find our community businesses and resources in one spot.  We at MyCountyShops.com are proud Nevada County locals just like you.  We love Nevada County’s community spirit and unique, wonderful shops.  The internet is an amazing thing, bringing people and resources together from around the world. However, in some ways its new conveniences and our hectic lifestyles along with the current pandemic keep us from supporting our own local community.  We are excited to share an easy to use platform that will allow us to build a strong community by supporting our friends, family and neighbors through their local businesses while still being able to shop multiple vendors from home or on the go.  

    By shopping on MyCountyShops.com not only are you supporting local crafters and community businesses, you are supporting our county. When local businesses do well the taxes from those sales go to our schools, roads and community programs…a win win situation. It’s in times of turmoil we recognize what truly matters; having a strong, prosperous and self-reliant community. It is more important now than ever to keep our community strong and give our support to local vendors.

    By using MyCountyShops.com you will get:

    1. Easy to use platform to purchase or find products and services already provided by your local community.
    2. One stop shopping convenience, shop all registered Nevada County vendors in one spot and have your merchandise delivered or picked up.
    3. Peace of mind that all vendors are verified Nevada County businesses or residents.
    4. A secure SSL encrypted platform and payment options using Stripe or PayPal
    5. That great feeling that comes with being part of the solution with the belief that together we can provide a community where small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. A place that not only encourages but provides the means for people to follow their dreams!

    My County Shops LLC

    P.O. Box 543

    North San Juan, CA 95960

    Phone: (530) 559-1173

    Email: office@mycountyshops.com

    Mission Statement

    To create a platform that provides the means necessary to support and improve local connections beneficial to commerce, craftspeople and the overall health and well being of a local community and its environment with a focus towards economical, agricultural and environmental independence and sustainability.

    Check out Community Connect!

    It’s a great way to find out more about us, what’s the latest happenings, goals and news. You can also get to know your local vendors through their store articles, and find specials and events going on. There is a designated section just for articles by local charities and programs that support our community. It’s also a great place to share ideas and give feedback on different programs we are working on and would like to incorporate into MyCountyShops.com such as a way to support local farmers markets and small independent farmers.

    Contact us:

    COUNTY VENDORS- Are you registered yet?

    Getting on the vendor list it’s easy and free with no obligations, get listed today and sign up! You should also check out our membership information page for more information on all the great features you get by becoming a member of MyCountyShops.com.